Q: What is the Save Movement?

The Save Movement was founded by Anita Krajnc on a traffic island outside a slaughterhouse in Toronto 2010.

The Toronto Pig Save gave rise to the slogan "compassion is not a crime" in June 2015 when Krajnc was charged with ‘criminal mischief’ for giving water to pigs suffering through transport to slaughter during a summer heatwave.

The Save Movement is rapidly growing and is today global with hundreds of people attending vigils every week, and more locations are being planned.

Q: What does Bristol Animal Save do?

We are working together with other peaceful Save Movement groups around the UK and rest of the world to expose the cruelty in the animal industries.

We hold peaceful vigils at slaughterhouses to bear witness to the millions of farmed animals whose lives are needlessly taken each day, and to bring public awareness to their plight.

Q: Why do you hold vigils?

Bearing witness to the living animals that we consume has a profound effect on our choices and to our attitude towards these sentient beings who are mostly hidden from public view.

To witness and to feel their suffering, to see them as the unique, individual lives that they are will strengthen our resolve to end this cruelty.

Q: What are the vigils like?

The vigils are non-violent, and inclusive. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Q: What are the aims of Bristol Animal Save?

We believe that ending violence and oppression must be done with love and kindness for all beings, regardless of sex, race or species.

Our aims are to show love and compassion to animals in their final moments and raise awareness of their wrongful and unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

By bearing witness together to animals before slaughter we expose the suffering of animals that is usually hidden from view. We hope to inspire more people to be compassionate, go vegan and become more active in making the world a better place for animals.

Q: How did Bristol Animal Save start?

Bristol Animal Save was formed after gaining inspiration from Manchester pig save which was the first Save group to be formed in the UK.